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Welcome to the Parkside Osteopathy Frequently Asked Questions. Here you will find answers to the common questions asked about our services.

Do I need a GP referral letter?

No, anyone can come and see an Osteopath.  If you are planning to use private health insurance please check with them first as they often require referral letters.

Should I expect any side effects after treatment?

You may feel tender after your treatment. This can last 24-48 hours.  However, if you are concerned, or are experiencing any sickness or dizziness, please do give us a call.

What is your cancellation policy?

Whilst we appreciate that sometimes priorities can change, we would prefer 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Can I use my insurance cover at Parkside Osteopathy?

Parkside Osteopathy is registered with most major insurance companies; however we only invoice a few directly. Please call to check whether we can invoice your insurer directly or refer to the insurance details on our fees page  If we are unable to claim directly, we will provide you with an invoice in order for you to claim reimbursement

How many treatments will I need?

The goal of osteopathy is to find health.  The time it takes to achieve this is often dependent on your symptoms and your general health and wellbeing.  As a general rule long standing conditions usually take longer to improve or resolve than recent injuries.  The osteopath will discuss your particular situation and give you an idea of how many treatments may be needed.  We do find that most patients feel improvement within 2-3 sessions.  Some patients find it useful to come back at regular intervals for maintenance treatments.   

Can I bring someone with me?

Of course! You are most welcome to bring anyone to your appointment.  You will need to answer questions about your health and medical history so please make sure you are comfortable talking in front of your companion/s.  We understand that some people may need to bring babies/children along.  Whilst this isn’t ideal (as it can be distracting) we are happy to accommodate you and work with you in any way we can. We can even provide toys to keep them occupied.

If you are under the age of 16, you cannot be treated without your parent or guardian present.

Will treatment hurt?

It shouldn't hurt. Some techniques can feel a bit uncomfortable especially if your joints or muscles are already tender.  The osteopath can usually tell when something is particularly painful and they will always try to work with you. Please feel free to ask questions and talk to the osteopath throughout your appointment as feedback and good communication are vital to your recovery.

Do you have to click my back or neck?

No! There are many techniques that can be used and although manipulative techniques themselves can be highly beneficial, and often gentle, they are not suitable for everyone.  If you don't want to have your joints manipulated, then the Osteopath will use alternative techniques. 


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